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'Unforgettable Moments at the Children's Keitana' thumbnail

Unforgettable Moments at the Children's Keitana

The genuine smiles of children and the joyful faces of parents were the best reward for all the volunteers

Lviv / Ukraine
'Painting Eco-Bags' thumbnail

Painting Eco-Bags

Each of us can contribute to protecting the environment and making the world cleaner.

Kamianets-Podilskyi / Ukraine
'Protective Bracelets for Children' thumbnail

Protective Bracelets for Children

Together, we make the world better, bringing light and warmth into the lives of those who need it most.

Shostka / Ukraine
'"Interaction" Project Celebrates Birthdays' thumbnail

"Interaction" Project Celebrates Birthdays

The volunteers of the "Interaction" project continue their important work, bringing joy to their beneficiaries.

Kremenchuk / Ukraine
'Symbols of Community and Warmth' thumbnail

Symbols of Community and Warmth

Volunteers working on the "Shabbat Guest" initiative continue their important work.

Zaporizhzhia / Ukraine
'Unconventional Approach to Creativity' thumbnail

Unconventional Approach to Creativity

Volunteers visited the Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Department with the "Birthday Day" project.

Sumy / Ukraine
'Lecture Series on Pre-Medical Care' thumbnail

Lecture Series on Pre-Medical Care

In challenging times, the most important thing is to stay calm and informed.

Konotop / Ukraine
'Launch of "Caring Connection"' thumbnail

Launch of "Caring Connection"

Launching the new project "Caring Connection" in collaboration with the Hesed Shaarei Tikva Foundation

Kharkiv / Ukraine
'Strengthening Community Bonds' thumbnail

Strengthening Community Bonds

Online Events for Our Beneficiaries - Connecting Even at a Distance

Dnipro / Ukraine
'Loops of Faith and Love' thumbnail

Loops of Faith and Love

The craftswomen of the "Yarn of Kindness" project continue knitting woolen sets for premature babies

Kryvyi Rih / Ukraine
'Traditional Seders' thumbnail

Traditional Seders

Volunteers organized four Seders for the beneficiaries of the "Hesed Shaarei Zion" Charitable Foundation

Odesa / Ukraine
'Inclusive Pottery Workshop' thumbnail

Inclusive Pottery Workshop

Working with clay is a wonderful way to relax, express feelings, and find harmony.

Odesa / Ukraine
'Program "About Those Behind the Screen"' thumbnail

Program "About Those Behind the Screen"

Such events help preserve the memory of art figures and foster love for culture.

Odesa / Ukraine
'Masterclass for Passover Celebration' thumbnail

Masterclass for Passover Celebration

On the eve of the Passover holiday, volunteers hosted a wonderful, creative masterclass for children in the community.

Odesa / Ukraine
'Decorating Shelter for Students' thumbnail

Decorating Shelter for Students

As part of the "Health in Colors" project, volunteers are painting the walls of a shelter for students at the lyceum.

Khmelnytskyi / Ukraine
'Celebrating Lag Ba'Omer Together' thumbnail

Celebrating Lag Ba'Omer Together

Joint celebrations help us feel part of a large and friendly family, bringing joy through community engagement.

Kyiv / Ukraine
'Special Classes for Children' thumbnail

Special Classes for Children

As Part of the "Just Jew It" and "Inclusive Space" Projects, Volunteers Visited Children with Speech and Hearing Impairments

Kyiv / Ukraine
'Volunteers Bring Joy and Tradition' thumbnail

Volunteers Bring Joy and Tradition

Traditional Passover Seders for the solitary members of the Jewish community filled their homes with warmth and care.

Mykolayiv / Ukraine
'Volunteers Help Animals' thumbnail

Volunteers Help Animals

Volunteers are people with incredibly sincere and open hearts towards all living beings.

Rivne / Ukraine
'Cleaning Action at the Jewish Cemetery' thumbnail

Cleaning Action at the Jewish Cemetery

Participation in such actions contributes to strengthening our community and enhancing its social cohesion.

Poltava / Ukraine
'Let Every Child Be Happy' thumbnail

Let Every Child Be Happy

International Children's Day for patients of the Regional Oncology and Hematology Center and the NGO "We Are Together"

Cherkasy / Ukraine

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